Report: Nevada cracks top 10 in economic outlook – 8 News NOW

The American Legislative Exchange Council, based in Arlington, Va., also ranked Nevada 15th best in its economic performance from 2003 through 2013.

The council determined that Utah has the nation’s best economic outlook for 2015, and that Texas registered the nation’s best economic performance during the period that ended in 2013.

Nevada’s economic outlook ranking slipped slightly from eighth place last year but is better than it was in 2012 (18th place) or 2011 (17th place).

As has been the case with other comparative studies that examine taxes, Nevada emerged at the top of the council’s rankings in many categories because the state doesn’t have a personal or corporate income tax and also doesn’t have an estate or inheritance tax. The council also likes the fact that Nevada is a right-to-work state and also has only 367.6 public employees per 10,000 residents, the nation’s lowest ratio.

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